Lost Child Policy

Last Updated: 20 May 2018


I will safely supervise children when we go on outings or trips, and undertake a risk assessment.

I will teach the children about safety when we are out and about and tell them what to do if they do become lost according to their age and stage of development. For example when we get to the park we will talk about where to go if they can’t see me and think that they are lost. I will also teach the children about stranger danger and shouting NO if they feel threatened. Older children could use their mobile phone to summon help or phone me if they were lost or worried.

If a child goes missing I would first check our arranged meeting place. I would also shout their name and do a quick search of the immediate area. If the child cannot be found then I will tell the police, provide a description of the child and their clothing and search the area.

If a child goes missing in a public place e.g. a library, park, shop or shopping centre I will also alert the staff, park warden and security staff.

Other children in my care will be kept with me and reassured.

I will advise the relevant parents as soon as is reasonably practical to do so. After the event I will record the incident and inform Ofsted.

Childminder's Name Marie Smale
Date the Policy was Written 20th May 2018
Date the Policy was Last Reviewed 20th May 2019
Date the Policy is Due for Review 20th May 2020

This policy supports the following requirements and standards:

Meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements.

Information and Records – Information for Parents and Carers

Ofsted Registration Number: EY559909