Uncollected Child Policy

Last Updated: 06 May 2018

It is my policy to provide care for your child during contracted hours. The procedure below is to be followed if you fail to collect your child at the appointed time.


If you are running late to collect your child please contact me.

If a child is not collected within 20 minutes of the agreed collection time and I have not been contacted with an explanation, I will try calling the parents’ contact numbers.

After 30 minutes, I will try the emergency contact numbers provided on your contract.

During this time, I will continue to safely look after the child.

I will continue to try the parents’ contact numbers and emergency numbers, but if I am unable to make any contact after 1 hour from the original agreed collection time, I have a duty to inform the local authority duty social worker.

I may charge an additional fee for late collection as per my Fees and Admissions policy. In the event of a Terrorist Attack or National Disaster, these rules will not apply.

Childminder's Name Marie Smale
Date the Policy was Written 6th May 2018
Date the Policy was Last Reviewed 6thh May 2019
Date the Policy is Due for Review 6th May 2020

This policy supports the following requirements and standards:

Meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage Safeguarding and Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements

Information and records, Information for parents and carers

Ofsted Registration Number: EY559909